Ellora is dedicated to help you achieve your outsourcing goals.

Sales Operations

Our highly effective sales team will help increase your revenue and improve your conversion rate through inbound and outbound sales tactics for your B2B or B2C future customers. Find out more »

Customer and Technical Support

We render high-quality customer service, and technical support assistance via phone, email, chat, and social media. Find out more »

Back Office Support

Our multi-skilled team will help you with your daily tasks in dashboard creation, dashboard updates, data entry processing, data management, catalog management, and more. Find out more »

Customer Care and Loyalty

We create a positive relationships between you and your customers to drive repeat purchases, long-term brand loyalty and customer satisfaction. Find out more »

Marketing Services

Our marketing services team will expand your reach on a variety of marketing needs. Helping you with your email marketing, social media strategy, SEO configuration, content management, and other digital marketing propositions. Find out more »

Value Added Services

We offer customizable bundles for your web design, web development, website maintenance, logo and branding development, virtual assistant, and more. Find out more »

Build your Dream Team with us!

Ellora BPO
Industry Experience
Employee Retention
Language Diversity
Cost Advantage
Business Contingency
Reliable Customer Service

Ellora delivers customer-focused solutions.

We provide customers with a unique cost-effective and efficient method based on a scaled human resource structure. We have BPO service delivery capabilities in multiple languages. And we offer various lines of services for your business. Check out more in the Our Advantages tab.

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Provide us with your Business Requirements

We plan the right packages for you along with customizable value-added services that will fulfill your needs and your budget.

Recruit Team Members

We’ll hire a full suite of skilled and talented staff together and ensure you have the best possible candidates for your team.

the Operations

Ellora delivers unified KPI reporting that tracks data in real-time allowing you to assess, react and continually improve.

What Our Clients Say about us

Dedicated Outsourcing Partner

Ellora’s ability to handle a large number of requests while exceeding service level requirements with near perfect quality is admirable. They have handled close to 200,000 requests and each one they handle validates our decision to select them as our dedicated outsourcing partner!

Ellora checks all boxes of a partner. They are collaborative, accountable, flexible, and always make decisions with the satisfaction of our clients as priority #1."

arrowboxRon Pollock
Vox Mobile
Chief Operating Officer


A long-distance provider serving our customers it was important to us having Ellora as our partner. Ellora was able to offer our customer service in different languages and this was a huge success for us as we saved money and increase our customer satisfaction. Ellora has been a terrific partner to our organization for 10++ years now."

arrowboxJohn A.
G3 Telecom

Our Team

We are committed to provide fully-equipped, qualified, and capable team members to meet your requirements. With Ellora, you have the flexibility to choose the team format that best suits your needs.


  • Full-time office employees
  • For job functions with a critical impact on operations
  • Monitors employee relationship
  • Access to face-to-face meetings and personal reporting
  • Hands-on support from the operations team
  • Access to advanced equipment and facilities
  • Data security
  • High staff productivity
  • Employee wellness and satisfaction


  • A blended setup of work-from-home and office
  • For job functions with limited need for daily interactions
  • Work anywhere approach
  • Shared workspace
  • Monitors employee relationship
  • Access to face-to-face meetings and personal reporting
  • Access to advanced equipment and facilities
  • Employee wellness and satisfaction


  • Expands the reach for talent acquisition
  • Permanent work-from-home setup
  • Equipment and internet assistance for better functionality at home
  • Reliable time-tracking approach
  • Remote operations management
  • Business contingency in times of disaster
  • Promotes work-life-balance